Evangelize the Nation believes in the power of growing up a generation filled with God’s love. As a youth leader, get the tools and resources to build a thriving youth ministry group. As a young teen or adult, grab the resources and articles to help deepen your faith and spread the Good News to others. As a parent, equip yourself with God’s Word and our helpful tips.

What does a Youth Leader do?


  • Organize, grow, and oversee the church’s youth ministry
  • Lead students to encourage their spiritual growth
  • Develop positive relationships with students and their parents
  • Display a christ-centered lifestyle and approach
  • Design and examine church events, classes, and programs.

How Can I Get Closer to God as a Teen?


  • Remember that it is not about age. Whether you are old or young, you were created to know God and have a relationship with Him.
  • Read your Bible daily. The way to get to understand God better is to read his words, just like anyone else.
  • There is power in prayer. Pray that God will guide you on the right path to better your faith by spending time communicating with Him.
  • Spread the Word to others. Openly talk about your faith with your friends and family. Uplift and encourage your classmates in times of need.

How Can I Help my Child Grow Faith?


  • Read God’s Word together as a family, even if it is just a verse a day. Bring the spirit of the Lord into your home.
  • Express love to others. Remind your child(ren) that you care and love them deeply as well as everyone else.
  • Establish good values and principles as making good choices lead to God.
  • Attend church services together. This will not only help deepen their relationship with God but it will also provide a sense of community.



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