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Our God is a Healing God

The Bible has demonstrates how our God has been a God who heals the sick. There is not a single covenant between God and man that we find in the Bible, where God does not heal the sick of those who obey Him.   We read about God’s healing nature throughout the entire bible. 

We learn our God heals the sick starting in the Garden of Eden all the way through the New Testament.  God created the world with no sickness.  Before the fall of Eden there was no sin, sickness or death.  God healed Abraham and Sara, who were unable to have children and blessed them with a son.  Old Testament law teaches us that God heals the physical body in His covenant with the people of Israel.  

These passages provide insight to God’s desire to heal the sick and protect those who follow the Word of God.

“If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the Lord who heals you.” (Exodus 15:26)

“And the Lord will take away from you all sickness, and will afflict you with none of the terrible diseases of Egypt which you have known, but will lay them on all those who hate you.” (Deuteronomy 7:15)

God has been healing the sick for thousands of years!  In the New Testament, the Covenant that Jesus began, God’s healing power is more prevalent than ever.

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Physician Heal Thyself

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