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Support us by spreading the Good News today! Have you ever wanted to play a more involved role in where your donation goes? Do you wonder if all of your donations are being used towards the cause you want to support?  That is what sets E†N apart from other ministries…YOU control how your donation funds are applied right down to the penny.  E†N has developed innovative ways in which you can spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and reach people who may not have a connection with Jesus.   Do you want to support your local community with messages that promote great Christian values? E†N can ensure that the message for your cause is focused in that specific community.  Learn more about your Ministry Cause Campaigns and how what your donations can do!

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Discover our healing ministry, loss ministry, salvation ministry, veteran ministry, women’s issues ministry and more today! E†N believes that ministries are a powerful way to spread the Good News and hope of Jesus Christ to those in need of help and support.  Through our advanced technology E†N has the capability to put the Word of God in front of people of all generations, backgrounds and beliefs.  That means we are not only reaching the Christian community that tunes into traditional Christian television but we are also reaching those who have not yet have a relationship with Jesus. Our Ministries bridge the gap between all people by providing excellent resources, testimonials from people who have been there and a focus on Christian values.  Check out our cause focused ministries now!

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How is E†N different from other ministries?

Unlike other ministries who invite you to support their cause of choice, we support YOUR CAUSE of choice. Whether you have a passion for healing the sick, stopping the violence, ending abortion, youth issues, women’s issues, Christian business, etc. Your donation is applied to the cause of YOUR CHOICE, the message of YOUR CHOICE in the location of YOUR CHOICE! We support your donation by getting that message out to the masses. PLUS we double audit your donation to ensure it is applied in its entirety to the cause of your choice.

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YOU help others by applying your donations where YOU best see fit.